Our company is a privately held small business association (SBA) specializing in Industrial Laundering, NAICS 812332, and Linen Supply, NAICS 812331. We operate as an outsourced laundry service, Star Brite Laundries (SBL) and own a linen rental and delivery service, Simply Linen Solutions (SLS). The company is a proud member of Minority and Women Business Enterprises (MWBE).

The companyís main focus is maximizing laundry production with delivery responsiveness. By managing the details of each facilityís needs, SBLís laundry outsourcing and SLS’s linen solutions, enhance our clientís image, safety and hygiene.

Clients choosing to partner with Star Brite will benefit

  • Consistent laundering of professional linens
  • Timely and efficient distribution to multiple locations
  • Economically competitive solutions