Business Divisions
Through specialized segmentation, the Laundering Division provides professional washing, drying, ironing, folding, inventorying and packaging of linens and towels with cleansing assurances, inventory reclaim and/or replacement purchases for items in use. The Linen Division provides the rental and delivery of a variety of linen supplies.

These operating divisions create the local platform needed for select clients to receive enhanced laundering and linen services.

Laundry Production
Whether managing our facility or yours, Star Brite Laundries' (SBL) resources remove the laundry burden off of your shoulders. This operating divisionís main focus is producing consistent results for specific industries.

Ancillary services include the direct sale of products to clients who own their linens and textile inventories.

The scope of work performed by SBL is defined by the development of the following flexible solutions:

    Management Provider:
    Clients rely on compassionate leadership committed to providing quality textile products on a consistent basis. SBL tailors its laundry service toward clients who own or rent from Simply Linen Solutions (SLS).

    Facility Operator:
    Clients benefit by redirecting their own capital resources to gain investment returns and operational efficiencies. SBL tailors its management focus on specialized staffing.

    Service Outsourcing:

    Clients depend on transparent pricing to ensure financial performance. SBL establishes benchmark pricing to maintain budget controls.

Linen Supply
Through the linen service, Simply Linen Solutions (SLS) provides commercial delivery and textile rentals in variable quantities. This operating divisionís main focus is providing quality inventory with efficient and timely product deliveries to multiple locations.

Ancillary services include a wide range of dust controls including floor mats, mops and wiping towels.

The scope of work performed by SLS is defined by the following:

    Delivery Service:
    Clients receive a variety of linen delivery channels through tailored service requirements within each market area SLS services. SLS targets its delivery service toward clients who are not receiving service or are receiving inadequate service.

    Rental Service:
    Clients benefit through leveraged rental of specialized products we inventory and in the colors best suited for their specific business needs. SLS rental programs provide advantages over ownership and are flexible to accommodate seasonal quantity adjustments.

    Merchandise Service:
    Clients benefit through direct product sales based upon a wide variety of textile supplies currently used within our rental inventory. SLS constantly searches for the best values on products we use so that we can pass along these leveraged values directly to our customers.