About Us
To specialize in laundering services specifically for the governmental, food services, lodging and hospitality industries by dedicating our resources to meeting each client’s specific linen requirements, quantities and supply chain demands.

In today’s market, businesses are universally downsizing to focus on their core competencies. This demonstrates a need for specialized services to fulfill each business’ unique demands with associated expectations. By outsourcing laundering services and/or linen supplies, clients can allocate their resources more efficiently.

Specialized segmentation allows SLS to focus specifically on the “linen and towel” markets. SBL tailors its programs for clients requiring customized laundering. The company’s market niche fulfills the needs of customers who either own their own inventory and/or use specific linens that require quality care, delivery and packaging.

South Beach Laundry & Linen was originally founded in 1991 and was located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. In 2006, it was reorganized and renamed Star Brite Laundries (SBL), which is a privately held company that operates industrial laundries independent of providing linen rental supplies.

Under the organizational structure, Star Brite Laundries, LLC, primarily focuses on laundering services for clients throughout the Southeastern United States. In addition to laundering, the company provides linen supplies under the trade name Simply Linen Solutions (SLS), which, operates as a wholly owned subsidiary.